Mastebre, S.L.
Dynamism for cardboard industry

Soft touch press

The retrofit has been conceived to improve the control over the press pressures that were originally due to the operator's complete appreciation.

With this system we manage to maintain a stable pressure predetermined in automatic on the press roller, that provides a great quality of contact with the papers. This facilitates working on low grammages of paper without loss of compression or quality. This system has the option of being installed with an automatic load cell control.


Technical information

This system is mainly based on three improvements:

  • Maintaining damping counterpressure in all phases of contact in the corrugating lines, following the Mastebre philosophy.
  • Replacement of the pneumatic motors that control the drive and positioning of the press roller stops by servomotors.
  • The integration of pressure control by proportional pneumatic pressure valves controlled from the Mastebre software.
  • All the machines are manufactured with standard measures of 1,8, 2,2 and 2,5 meters wide, although we can adapt them to your needs.