Mastebre, S.L.
Dynamism for cardboard industry

Soft touch glue

The Soft-Touch Glue Mastebre system minimizes problems in the application of glue between the gluing and corrugating rolls due to physical changes in the production process, as well as changes in the weight of the paper or dilatations of the rolls and other mechanical parts, reducing or totally eliminating the waste due to the gluing problems that these elements cause.

Reduces maintenance work on the machine because it maintains a constant gap and no overpressure between the rollers. Adjustment is only necessary during installation or after changing the Soft-Touch, as well as after changing the gluing and corrugating rolls.

By controlling the pressure of the pneumatic cylinder our system absorbs and minimizes wear on the sides of the gluing roller when the machine is working with narrow papers.

The Soft-Touch system reduces the collisions between the gluing roller and the central corrugating roller, favouring a progressive entry of the glue unit into the corrugator.


Technical information

  • Adaptation to all types of production.
  • Improves gluing quality on paper.
  • Improves adjustment in different types of production.
  • Absorbs vibrations and possible irregularities between the rollers and improves the ECP and RCP in the cardboard.
  • Facilitates adjustment and operation.
  • Allows better gluing in the passage of a joint.
  • All the machines are manufactured with standard measures of 1,8, 2,2 and 2,5 meters wide, although we can adapt them to your needs.


  • With this system we extend the life of the gluing rolls considerably.
  • We reduce the unnecessary application of glue. With the right amount of glue we improve the planimetry of the cardboard.
  • This system is equipped with a mechanism for adjusting the distance between the operator side or motor side, making it easier to make adjustments when changing rollers.