Mastebre, S.L.
Dynamism for cardboard industry

Upgrade PLC

The plcs upgrade that we carry out consists of the renovation of the obsolete ones in any part of the corrugated line, from the mill stands to the stackers, with the latest Siemens S7-1500 model in the market which, together with the improvement in the software, provides more security, reliability and allows remote assistance from our team.

This PLC incorporates the safety system SAFE, integrating the network of machine stops to PLC control, according to the latest European directives in machine safety system.

This new system combines hardware system, such as profisafe network, integrated in all profinet network systems, including inverters, touch screens, etc..

Thus, and depending on the customer's needs and previous safety installations, SIL 3 (PLD) or SIL 4 (PLE) category can be reached, maximizing machine protections, in addition to allowing, under the supervision of specialized technicians, to override safety locally to make adjustments.

This PLC system makes it possible to work with decentralized peripheries, allowing, with a single CPU, to add remote stations of the machine with only the communications cable and power supply being necessary, providing versatility to its installation, since it makes it possible to carry out extensions of machine functionalities developed by Mastebre in a scaled way.

In addition, the update of the system allows remote assistance through internet for all the elements of the network, facilitating the work of the maintenance team or the incorporation of remote software updates, providing continuous improvement of the machine, system "TeleIndustria" developed by Mastebre, which is composed of intuitive and manageable software for a greater facility in the learning and control of the machine.

This software not only allows a total control of the machine on a second screen in the control booth, but also allows a system to detect emergency stops and to identify and warn of breakdowns.

The model of CPU used by Mastebre, allows in previous systems Siemens (S7-300) a retrocompatibility that supposes a substantial saving in the update of its machine on having maintained the modules of existing entrances and exits, allowing an updated version of the software with a reduced cost.


Technical information

  • Periphery ET-200SP.
  • Category SIL 4 (PLE).
  • Software that improves the reliability of the machine.
  • Remote assistance with internet connection.
  • High resistance touch screen.

Cutting control system Siemens Simotion Mastebre

The latest generation Mastebre cutting control system for cross cutters is the Siemens Simotion axis control system adapted in collaboration with Mastebre for precise cutting.

This system has 2 variants:

  • Individual cutting control card that acts on the existing variators and motors:

The new system makes it possible to replace the encoders of the measuring wheel and the motors for precise control using the existing AC motors and inverters. Touch screen order entry, or automatic loading of orders from customer management, this upgrade offers a high performance cutting control system with existing hardware.

  • Control card integrated with the power and control modules of the new motorization:

This is the control system that replaces the existing drive and motor (suitable for existing DC motor applications or to improve performance). This system includes a Siemens high-performance, low-consumption motor. Touch screen order entry, or automatic loading of orders from customer management, this update offers a high performance cutting control system with existing hardware.

This system is also available with the register cutting variant, which incorporates a high-speed photocell and control software.

As this system is modular and totally multipurpose, it can be applied to the control of converting printers.

It can also incorporate decentralized periphery systems for a more versatile control distribution.

Fully compatible with PLC and telecare systems, leaving the entire production line interconnected and with total central control.