Mastebre, S.L.
Dynamism for cardboard industry

Double glue unit

Mastebre offers you the last novelty that we bring to the market where we incorporate the fusion of the best existing technologies:

  • Mastebre glue and gap control system without backlash, and with elimination of internal games of the glue regulation system.
  • glue limiters of maximum versatility and quality, with positioning control.
  • A simple, multifunctional and very operative glue recipe book.
  • SIEMENS electronic equipment.
  • The contact waves with the gluing roller are between 1 and 3 paper waves depending on the channel, and with the variable adjustment system of rollers and glue it is possible to modify at will.
  • The glue consumption is reduced to minimum levels from 4 to 8 gr/m², due to the glue gap calibration system, and together with the Soft Touch system of the counterpressureisor roller.
  • It has a system of cleaning by expulsion of water on the rollers.
  • The DGME Mastebre gluer is designed with independent modules that are interchangeable, facilitating maintenance.
  • The manufacture by modules allows to increase the stations without modifications in the same equipment.
  • System of disassembly of rollers by extraction of gluing group, reduces the change of rollers or bearings to 8 hours per station, estimated time for a team of 2 / 3 technicians.
  • SOFT TOUCH MASTEBRE System is a kit adapted to the gluer with a novel and very decisive concept that fuses the advantages of working on aisor roller and the adaptation to all types of waves without crushing them, merging the two concepts we have the properties of theisor roller to provide a single line of glue very determined and adaptation to different wave heights without prior adjustments.
  • Motorized glue limiters with linear encoder reading. They are very reliable pre-assembled equipment with movement by spindle (not by belts), the control of positioning can be manual, automatic preselected or by automatic reading on the liner paper.


Technical information

  • Incorporation of the soft-touch system.
  • Quick roller extraction system.
  • Pneumatic system of control of tray and rollers.
  • Self-cleaning system.
  • Siemens motorization and electronics.
  • Detection of glue levels.
  • Glue regulation.
  • Motorized control of glue limiters.
  • All the machines are manufactured with standard measures of 1,8, 2,2 and 2,5 meters wide, although we can adapt them to your needs.


  • Provides quick disassembly of the glue roller.
  • Improvements in the maintenance of a constant application of the glue and reduction of overcoats in the exit of the cardboard.
  • Water jet nozzles for better cleaning of the glue roller.
  • Individual motors for separate gluing stations.
  • Incorporation of sensors with frequency deviation technology for greater sensitivity to contact.
  • Integrated electronics fully supplied by Siemens, from PLC control to delivery and power control of the motorization and touch screen for operator control.
  • Linear actuator by servomotor control and position reading by encoder providing greater accuracy in the separation of rollers for a more accurate application of glue.