Mastebre, S.L.
Dynamism for cardboard industry

Cut off's sandwich output

We present to you the Mastebre sandwich output for the slitter, which receives the cut plank from the axes and holds it in place until it’s delivered to the stacker, forming a precise and compact scale without shaking.

Our output is composed of a set of Non-Crush casters very close to the blade shafts, and an extraction body with suction with a distance between 550mm to 1000mm, depending on the available space.

The length that we keep the plank fastened, added to maintaining a single body between straps-rollers and plank, and the aspiration allows us to have a fixed, unified and flaked delivery of the plank, without crosses until the formation of the flake in the stacker.


Technical information

  • Non-Crush casters.
  • Single body between straps-rollers and plank.
  • precise and compact scale without shaking.
  • All the machines are manufactured with standard measures of 1,8, 2,2 and 2,5 meters wide, although we can adapt them to your needs.