Mastebre, S.L.
Dynamism for cardboard industry

Alignement bridge

In the corrugated cardboard manufacturing process, lateral displacements occur due to uneven gluing of the different papers; these problems can be solved with the installation of the alignement bridge Mastebre ABME V2.

The alignement bridge determines the position of the simple band at the end of the bridge and regulates it to enable exact positioning towards the centre of the installation.

The MASTEBRE alignement bridge aligners are equipped with two photocell bars that control and read the positioning of the papers at the upper and lower levels of the bridge. In addition, they are equipped with a set of photocell bars for reading the positioning of the liner paper in the mill stand of the glue unit, which provides the exact position of the paper to determine the guiding functions of the rest of the papers by the ABME V2 guiding equipment, and this same equipment controls the limiter guiding system in the double glue unit DGME V2 MASTEBRE.


Technical information

  • System positioned by high precision photocells.
  • Positioning by servo control.
  • Electro-pneumatic control of the wheels and photocells cleaning.
  • Siemens servomotorization and control.
  • All the machines are manufactured with standard measures of 1,8, 2,2 and 2,5 meters wide, although we can adapt them to your needs.



  • Greater precision in gluing due to the alignment of papers.
  • Reduction of lateral cut losses and breakage stops.
  • Automatic adjustment when the width changes, without having to reduce the splicing speed.
  • Alignment of the three papers in function of liner paper or on one side to reduce the consumption of paper on the TRIM cut.